The Cambridge Knee

The knee is an amazing joint which allows a huge amount of complex sliding, rolling and rotational movement, and which sustains very large forces throughout the arc of motion. Damage or disorder of the ligaments, cartilages, muscles, tendons, joint lining and bones of the knee can rapidly lead to pain, swelling, instability and dysfunction of the joint.

Mr Joel Melton is a consultant knee surgeon dedicated to excellence in knee surgery and in the non-surgical care of patients with knee problems. Mr Melton has a specialist expertise in knee surgery and has a sub-specialist knee practice in both the NHS and private healthcare.

Focusing only on the knee, Mr Melton is committed to getting the very best knee outcomes for his patients. This position allows him to gain further expert experience by attracting regional, national and international specialist opinion and complex patient referrals. It is his hope that you will find the information on this website helpful and that it will be a useful resource to further your understanding of knee problems and some of the options for treatment of this remarkable joint.

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