What’s new in knee replacement?

For a patient considering knee replacement surgery, there are developments under study which may help enhance the results of surgery. Some remain experimental and some have early/medium term outcomes available. These include:

  • Use of Cementless parts that allow new bone to grow into a porous prosthesis and hold the parts in place, creating a biologic fixation
  • Use of bioactive joint surfaces such as hydroxyapatite
  • The use of mobile-bearing knee replacement in which a polyethylene insert creates a dual-surface articulation by articulating with the femoral as well as tibial components. This may enhance the life of the implant by reducing wear.
  • Development of systems with improved kinematics more like those of the native knee
  • Better fixation
  • Use of navigation-guided surgery that involves the use of computer navigation to ensure accuracy of implantation
  • Personalised surgical equipment cutting guides to perform the surgery
  • Personalised implants
  • The use of robots to more accurately implant prostheses
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